Service Information

Service information

The DIX offers three ways of connecting to the neutral net:

If other types of optics is desired, do contact i2 technical staff for ordering information.

The equipment is situated in rooms with controlled physical environment, burglar alarms and monitoring of all accesses. Furthermore, the sites offers the operators 7 times 24 access in order to service their equipment.
In Lyngby the operators are free to establish fibre-patching in the room (with respect for the current installations). In doubt contact the i2 technical staff.
In Ballerup all fibre-patching between room/racks are performed by InterXion staff according to their standard rules.

Mailing lists
There are two mailing lists for the DIX members. One for administrative personnel and one for technical personnel. Both lists are closed lists only for the connected ISP's. Requests for subscribtion can be mailed to Only requests sent from one of the mail addresses listed on either or will be accepted.

The staff at i2's NOC has many years of experience in Internet technology, and their services can be requested on normal terms.

Prices 2014
The price for connecting to the DIX is devided into a Membership Fee and one or more Port Fees.

The DIX Membership Fee covers your access to the DIX at all point of presence.
The price of the DIX Membership Fee is DKK 22,000 per year.

The DIX Port Fee covers your actual connection to the DIX and is depending on your connection speed and the numbers of your connections:
No other services are included.

If you need hosting service of any kind, this will be on a separate agreement.

The yearly fee is per calendar year and the fee will be invoiced in advance with half in january and the other half in july.
The fee is subject to changes due to inflation.
If a network or an additional port is connected anytime during the first six months of a year, then the full amount for the entire calendar year is to be paid. If a network or an additional port is connected anytime during the last six months of the year, then half of the yearly fee is to be paid the first calendar year.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Note regarding PO-numbers and other references on invoices
When sending out the DIX invoice in august/december, we have by several operators been asked to qoute a PO-number, or other reference, on the invoice. If you require such on the invoice, you may mail what ever reference you like to be written on the invoice, to us. Such requests received before august 1st/december 1st can be hounered. We are not able to request PO-numbers or other references before writing the invoices.

Bouncing invoices back top us due to missing PO-numbers, order references and the like, will not be accepted, and the DIX connection may consequently be closed, if payment is not received in due time.

Any questions regarding this issue may be mailed to

For further information please refer to the DIX website: